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Reader: KBPI's Switch to Country Proves Rock's Increasing Lack of Relevance

KBPI's Willie B strikes a pose alongside Metallica's James Hetfield.
KBPI's Willie B strikes a pose alongside Metallica's James Hetfield. Facebook
Radio listeners are loyal to their station, so it's no surprise that news about 106.7 FM, also known as KBPI, switching from rock to country incensed many of you. Then again, some of you think rock is so watered down these days that any station devoted to the genre sort of already sounds country. Says Summer:

Gross. I mean KBPI wasn't doing great these last few years I feel.. always playing the same five songs over and over by shitty, over rated nu-metal bands... but this station has officially hit rock bottom. One more reason the radio is dead. One more reason to just stick to services that give me commercialess, streams of music I choose and actually enjoy, not the mediocre shit they want to shove down my throat.
 Argues TN:
Yeah and their move to 107.9 sucks. My whole drive in south Denver yesterday was interference and static coming in, every time I went to KBPI. Never had that issue before. Probably won't be listening anymore.
 Explains James:
It's basically been a country station for years at this point. That's more because how rock singers sound nowadays, though.
 Posits Kyle:
Further proof of rock's increasing lack of relevance.
 Says Michael:
Thank God, this town needed another soundtrack for inbreeding.
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