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Reader: Keep Your Religion to Yourself, It Doesn't Belong in Government

Reader: Keep Your Religion to Yourself, It Doesn't Belong in Government
Is Colorado heading for hate-state status again?

More than twenty years after the U.S. Supreme Court overwhelmingly rejected Colorado's Amendment 2, which would have banned state and local governments from implementing laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, legislators this session tried to resurrect similar language in the so-called Live and Let Live Act.

The bill was killed in committee, but it brought back ugly memories from a time many thought had passed in this state. Here's what readers had to say about the issue.

Doug argues:

Sad that the religious fanatics keep pushing their agenda. First there was the infamous Amendment 2 that the Supreme Court rejected in a heartbeat, then the ballot attempts for the Citizenship begins at Conception movement, not to forget several tries for vouchers to religious schools.
Allyson says:
Keep your religion to yourself, it doesn't belong in our government.
Kris explains:
Not my Colorado! I will fight with every fiber of my being to go against any bill against the LGBTQ community. ... House representatives just passed a bill banning conversion therapy and I am proud to know that they did do so. 1992 was a different time back then and if conservatives can get over themselves and understand that they’re not the only people in this world and change does happen, thent would all be great. They can keep trying to find loopholes and everything to try so set their medieval agenda in stone, but we will tear them down and will we serve justice.
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