Westword readers praise Prayer One and comment on John Hickenlooper taking a shower

"A Wing and a Prayer," Melanie Asmar, September 2

Heavenly Daze

Jeff Puckett is the real deal. He also has a great wife! He makes the goofy Christian community (especially the leadership) look good. They need all the help they can get. Like the bumpersticker reads: "Jesus, save me from your followers!"

The articles Westword does on faith are so objective and thoughtful. Keep up the good work.

Rob Marshall


I wonder if the occupants of Prayer One have ever seen any black helicopters? This sounds like another one for the conspiracy theorists.

Janie Rodriguez


I loved Melanie Asmar's story about the helicopter! It was very inspirational. Just one question: How do I get an invitation from Jeff Puckett?

Sam Frazier


"The Nutty Professor," Joel Warner, August 26

Lots of Yuk

Thank you for Joel Warner's story on Peter McGraw. What do I find funny? The idea of a professor doing standup comedy. (I also think sweater vests are funny.)

Here's my favorite joke: Horse sits down at a bar. "Why the long face?" the bartender asks.

S.Z. Stein


I heard on Fox News how $700,000 in stimulus funds went to a university study of what's funny. This sounds like another Obama boondoggle. University of Colorado students paid to watch Hot Tub Time Machine? I don't find that at all humorous.

Joe T. Washington


"Key of Gee," Off Limits, September 2

Mauling the Mall

Hats off to the 16th Street Mall crew! The cows and the pianos have been a wonderful and inspired attraction in Denver. Now, when do we get rid of the bike maniacs and trashmongers, beggars and homeless on the very same blocks? You still can't make a purse out of a pig's ear. They say that the road to hell is paved with good are we there yet?

David Beckwith


Sounding more and more like the bloom is coming off the rose for living downtown. Smelly, noisy vehicles. Smelly, noisy, freaky and dangerous people. Puddles o' puke to watch for. Extortionist parking rates and, even with all the restaurants there, for the most part similar cuisines that are available in other parts of the city without the aforementioned hassles.

Steve Holben


"The (Would-Be) Governor's Nude Clothes," Kenny Be, August 26

Musings on Water

While John Hickenlooper is taking a shower, the Republican Party is taking a bath with Dan Maes. The only one who might come out clean? Tom Tancredo.

Ross Smith


I am concerned that Tom Tancredo is getting a free pass on issues and how destructive his third-party run is for Colorado. Representative Tancredo has made a career out of being the champion against illegal immigration, yet his third-party run will certainly destroy any chance of reform in Colorado, ensuring a John Hickenlooper win and destroying any chance of reining in illegal immigration and its destructive impacts on the state's economy.

Don Rodgers

Colorado Springs

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