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Reader: Parking Is Not a Right, but a Privilege

Good luck finding a spot anywhere near here on a Friday night.
Good luck finding a spot anywhere near here on a Friday night. Larimer Square
Mobility is a hot issue, what with a major transformation to I-70 on the way (maybe), a population boom in Denver that's clogged its streets, and light-rail woes dragging down commuters. Another hot-button issue? Parking. Readers had plenty of opinions about Teague Bohlen's list of the worst places to park in Denver. Wendy writes:

Parking is not a right, but rather a privilege that we all pay for whether we drive or not (yes, I pay for your parking spot even though I don't own a car). If there's nowhere to store your car where you're going, or you aren't willing to walk a few blocks to your destination from where you can find parking, then stop driving everywhere! Simple solution...get out of your car and find other ways to get around. I have gotten around Denver by bike (supplemented by walking and public transit) for almost 4 years and I almost always find a place to park my bike right next to my destination.
John notes:
I'm tired of the canard that Capitol Hill wasn't 'designed' for so many people. It was designed for exactly as many people as choose to live there - that's what the buildings are. What it wasn't and isn't designed for is so many cars - unlike downtown we aren't half parking lots and multi story garages, and that's a great thing.
Jordan says:
This list is ridiculous. A neighborhood's quality and worth are completely unrelated to the ease of its parking. Actually, it is nearly an inverse relationship. If you are rating neighborhoods on their parking quality, are you going to follow up with a great dense, walkable neighborhood list? When did the Westword get so provincial and unprogressive? It is supposed to be our ALT weekly and express alternative view points...not the same old tired "Denver is full and I can't park my car where ever I want" schlock!
What do you think? Should Bohlen's list have been kinder to Capitol Hill? Are there areas he missed?
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