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What Did Coloradans Search for Most Often on Google This Year?

In the digital age, almost nothing is a secret -- and that includes what you search for on Google. Estately, which bills itself as the "addictive, easy way to shop for homes" online, put together a list of the terms that residents of each state searched for the most. The data was compiled using Google Trends, which allows you to see where a search term is most popular. And the most popular Colorado search will surprise exactly no one.

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Residents of the Centennial State looked up "marijuana" more than the residents of any other state in 2014. But since they live in the first state to roll out recreational marijuana, Coloradans must have a lot of questions concerning legality, access and the numerous ways cannabis can be ingested.

But we weren't the only state that was curious about the pot. Alaska beat out all other states for the number of people searching "legalize marijuana." And residents of Washington State, which also legalized the sale of recreational marijuana this year, was pretty focused on finding "marijuana stores."

But the Estately list is by no means exhaustive. Even the writer, Ryan Nickum, acknowledges that. He wasn't interested in finding terms that are always popular targets for searches, he says: He wanted to know about the trends that were hot this year.

Before 2014, you would not have found ISIL, ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, Gamergait and Ferguson on the list of top searches. But for Oklahoma, Hawaii, Washington and Missouri, respectively, those were the search terms that dominated.

Other trends emerged. Utah residents wanted to find nude pictures of Emma Watson, and learn how to kiss. And in Wisconsin, the cheeseheads just wondered why everyone was talking about Tinder. Have a tip? Send it to editorial@westword.com.

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