What do "sick" Boulder Valley teachers want?

Yesterday, more than 300 teachers at Boulder Valley schools simultaneously developed illnesses that prevented them from showing up for work -- and by coincidence, the Boulder Valley Education Association, the union that represents them, just happens to be at an impasse with the school district in negotiations for a new contract.

BVEA and the district each have specific goals they hope to accomplish regarding a new labor agreement. A document created earlier this year outlines their respective wish lists. Read it after the jump.


District representatives for the Board of Education and BVEA met for the first time on Monday, January 12th to begin negotiations for a successor agreement. The parties are utilizing the Interest Based Problem Solving Model with the assistance of facilitator, Steve Muller. The first full day session was spent in an overview of the interest based process and sharing of issues. Members representing BVEA on the team include Mark Chavez, Melissa Tingley, Peter Kingsley, Scott Peoples, Terri Mulford, Lynn Molitor-Gordon, Jeanne Barr, Ben Johnson, Mike Altenburn, and Bill Lopez. Members representing the District team include Becky McClure, Jeanne Aguilar, Shelly Landgraf, Rich Salaz, John Kiemele, and Bill Sutter.

During the first session the issues were shared and interests for each issue were identified by both parties. The issues and interests presented are as follows:

BVEA Issues

ISSUE: How can we create a compensation schedule that provides teachers with a professional salary?


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.