What does Joe Biden like so much about the Denver Museum of Nature and Science?

Vice President Joe Biden sure must dig the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where he'll conduct a town-hall meeting today. He was just there in February, standing by as President Barack Obama signed the stimulus package there. Maybe it's because the facility has already received a sort of stimulus package of sorts: The DMNS website boasts that "thanks to Denver voters, we'll be using Better Denver bond funding to renovate Phipps Special Exhibits Gallery -- where the Museum's traveling exhibitions are staged." Or it could be displays such as "Discovery Zone," a kid-friendly area where visitors can "put together a puzzle" (like getting Republicans to cooperate, perhaps?). There's also a showcase for two Egyptian mummies who "teach modern scientists how the ancient civilization of Egypt regarded its living and preserved its dead" -- reassuring info for a politician, no doubt. But he's probably fondest of "Exhibition Health," which focuses on "YOUR human body -- how it is constantly changing and adapting in ways you can see, measure and optimize through the choices you make." Like when to tell people to stay the hell away from swine-flu-infested Mexico and when to keep your yap shut.

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