Russell Scott, aka Blinky the Clown, in his namesake store.

What kind of stuff can you buy at Blinky the Clown's store auction? Take a look

Today's Denver Post features a story about the impending closure of Blinky's Antiques, the Broadway store owned and run by Russell Scott, known to multiple generations of Denver children as Channel 2 kiddie personality Blinky the Clown. Predictably, the piece attempts to conjure nostalgia about the shop, whose contents will be sold to the highest bidder on November 23 at Corbett's Auction House, but frankly, the place freaked me out. It was so cluttered and overstuffed with God knows what that every time I stepped inside, I was afraid of accidentally triggering a tchotchke avalanche -- and by the time rescuers arrived, the only thing left for them to find would be my body and Scott's, both pierced by ancient kitchen implements. To get a sense of the danger, as well as the appeal, of this bizarre hole in the wall, check out the three videos below, shot in 2007 by a Blinky fan visiting from Hawaii. She doesn't seem nearly as frightened by the joint as I was. -- Michael Roberts

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

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