When MSNBC Comes to Denver, Be Very Afraid

The invasion of press from around the country and the globe for August's Democratic National Convention should offer up scares aplenty, with MSNBC contributing to more than its share of jolts. The network plans to set up anchors Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann in outdoor sets, not Pepsi Center booths, a prospect sure to inspire extra froth from protesters fenced in near the press contingent. Even more terrifying, host Joe Scarborough is reportedly planning to base his show in a local diner, making the prospect of choking down a breakfast burrito that much more difficult.

Don't know much about Scarborough's other habits, but there's reason for concern given the video clip viewable below; get to it by clicking "More." In it, two of his fellow MSNBC-ers predict that he'll be trying to suck ethanol made from Coors beer waste out of DNC vehicles -- a prospect one of them frames with the offhand aside, "Idiots..." Party on, Joe. -- Michael Roberts

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