Why Twitter Nation Doesn't Want Dolphins' Vance Joseph as Broncos Coach

Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is scheduled to interview for the Denver Broncos' head coaching job today. Tweets and more below.
Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is scheduled to interview for the Denver Broncos' head coaching job today. Tweets and more below. Sun Sentinel via YouTube
Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is scheduled to interview today for the position of Denver Broncos head coach, but plenty of fans on Twitter hope he doesn't get the job.

Race has nothing to do with most of the objections, nor should it. Clearly, there aren't nearly enough African-American head coaches in the NFL, and more (a lot more) are needed.

Still, Twitter Nation collectively (and correctly) feels that the Broncos require an offensive specialist in the top job, since quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch both need serious development and the running game is a bad joke thanks to an offensive line that could double as a swinging door.

In contrast, Denver's defense remains historically excellent and figures to stay that way if current defensive coordinator Wade Phillips sticks around (and every effort must be made to make that happen).

Joseph, for his part, is a defensive guy, and while reports suggest that he'd bring ex-Broncos offensive coordinator and former San Diego Chargers coach Mike McCoy with him, there are very real questions about whether the Dolphins' D is all that great. On Sunday, Colorado Springs Gazette columnist Woody Paige presented a compelling argument that Joseph's credentials as a defensive mastermind are highly questionable, and that was before Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers torched the Dolphins 30-12.

After the abrupt resignation of Gary Kubiak as Denver Broncos head coach (reportedly for health reasons — and this time, that might actually be true), one name quickly rose to the top of most pundits' lists of possible replacements: Kyle Shanahan, currently the offensive coordinator for the red-hot Atlanta Falcons and son of ex-Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, under whose tenure the squad won two Super Bowls. And young Kyle does indeed seem to be the perfect choice.

So why isn't exec John Elway focusing all his efforts on getting Shanahan to sign on the line that is dotted? Perhaps he is and is publicly playing possum. Then again, Elway's relationship with Mike Shanahan was prickly at times, and because Kyle and Mike have been portrayed as being part of a package deal, with Dad serving as a consultant for his offspring, Big John may simply not want to deal with his old coach anymore.

If that's the case, Elway needs to get over himself and put the team ahead of his own personal issues. After all, Broncos fans who were unenthusiastic about Joseph as a head-coaching prospect before Miami's playoffs drubbing are even less excited now. For proof, continue to read our picks for the twenty most memorable tweets about Joseph and the Broncos.

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Continue to see ten more tweets from fans who aren't excited by the prospect of Vance Joseph as the next coach for the Denver Broncos.

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