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Wild horse battle over Ken Salazar's disputed roundup plan comes to Boulder tonight

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar's plan to reduce wild horse herds on public lands and relocate thousands of mustangs to preserves back East has triggered protests of roundups across the West -- over everything from the costs involved to the brutal conditions of the government "gather" techniques.

Tonight presents an opportunity to learn more about the controversy from a front-line observer.

Photographer Carol Walker brings a multimedia presentation on these iconic beasts of the American frontier to the Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, a nonprofit that uses horses in therapy programs targeting disadvantaged children and traumatized adolescents. Walker, who's spent considerable time in the back of beyond documenting the herds, will talk about preservation efforts and the current state of the Bureau of Land Management plan to reduce the horse population.

The benefit show begins at 6:30 pm at Medicine Horse, 8778 Arapahoe Road, and admission is $20. For more information, call 720-406-7630 or email: cara@medicinehorse.org

The event comes as CNN is airing a four-part series on the roundups. See the first segment by clicking here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.