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Will Leeroy Jenkins make the new World of Warcraft movie?

A pair of Hollywood studios said this week that Sam Raimi (of Spider-Man fame) will direct a live-action movie based on the online video game, World of Warcraft, and we can only hope there will be part, even a small one, for our old friend, Leeroy Jenkins.

Jenkins, of course, is the character created by local gamer Ben Schulz -- a character who became famous after Schulz and his friends created an inane Warcraft video called "A Rough Go," as described in the Westword story, "The Legend of Leeroy Jenkins."

Leeroy has inspired Jeopardy! questions, truck commercials and T-shirt slogans around the world, many of which entail Leeroy's catch phrase "At least I have chicken."

But Leeroy was dissed by the producers of A Second Skin, a Warcraft documentary, who said they considered using him but decided against it.

Maybe Raimi will be more sympathetic.


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