Will Pericak, CU Buffs starter, allegedly starts fire in bar, f-bombs, chest bumps staffer

Will Pericak has one of the most sparkling bios of any CU Buff. However, the Boulder Police report about his activities this past weekend is considerably less impressive.

The document, on view below, tells a tale featuring a bar fire, a chest bump and a lot of fuck-yous.

Here's the most recent entry on Pericak's CU bio, linked above:

Enters the fall atop the depth chart at defensive tackle. Phil Steele's College Football selected him to its preseason second-team All-Pac 12 squad, ranking him as the No. 37 defensive tackle in the nation; College Sports Madness named him to its third-team preseason Pac-12 unit.

Did the aggressiveness that's made Pericak a standout in uniform follow him off the field?

According to the BPD report, Thompson was at the Pearl Street Pub just after midnight on January 29 when he was seen lighting a fire inside a metal bucket on one of the tables; it contained paper and random trash.

A bar staffer quickly extinguished the mini-blaze and told Pericak to leave. Pericack's alleged response? "Fuck you." So he asked the baller again, and again, and again -- approximately nine times, by the employee's count.

But repetition apparently didn't make much of a difference. "Fuck you, you can't throw me out," the staffer remembers Pericak telling him. As a bonus, the lineman is said to have chest-bumped him -- and at six-feet-four-inches and 285 pounds, he's got quite a chest.

Rather than escalating the situation into a fight he was sure to lose, the staffer told Pericak he was going to phone the cops. At first, Pericak doesn't appear to have been concerned, reportedly telling him, "Fuck you -- you're not calling the police. You're texting your friends." But when he realized the employee was telling the truth, he split.

The pub worker then followed Pericak out of the venue, keeping him in sight until officers arrived.

The cops describe Pericak as well-lubricated -- his eyes were allegedly red and watery, and he had alcohol on his breath -- and initially uncooperative. At first, the report says, he denied having been at the Pearl Street Pub at all. But as he was being transported to jail, he announced, "Listen, I had some beers and caused some trouble, but I haven't done anything illegal."

That's a matter of opinion at this point, since Pericak was arrested on suspicion of harassment and trespassing. Yet he has some experience with skating after being accused of wrongdoing. The Boulder Daily Camera reports that he was one of three players investigated for vandalism after security cameras in a Denver parking garage captured images of them kicking a car early last year. In the end, the players weren't criminally charged, although they did pony up for damages.

No telling whether this action will impact Pericak's status with the Buffs. But by coincidence, the news about his arrest breaks on national signing day.

Look below to see a larger version of Pericak's booking photo and the aforementioned police report.

Will Pericak Arrest Report

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