Win tickets to Sunday's Colorado Mammoth vs. Minnesota Swarm game

Update: We've picked our three wordsmiths as winners! Check your e-mail to see if you're one of them. Thanks for reading Latest Word and Westword.com. ___ We have a quick contest for you today. We're giving away three pairs of tickets to the Colorado Mammoth vs. Minnesota Swarm game on Sunday night (a $70 value for the pair.) Now as you know, the Mammoth are Denver's professional lacrosse team, and the organization's website promises "ADRENALINE OVERLOAD!" and to "GET IN THE BOX." But you can only experience the Mammoth-branded adrenaline overload if you go to an actual game, which is where we come in.

Here's how to win.

Just leave a comment with your name (make sure you leave a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you're a winner) and a comment below. Your comment just has to include what you think MAMMOTH should stand for.


Making Awesome, Mammothy Moments On The Hustle

That one is pretty terrible. I'm sure you can do better. The contest ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, February 17, so start commenting!

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