Wives of Chris Romer, Michael Hancock send e-mails touting poking fun at their husbands

The wives of Denver's mayoral hopefuls entered the fray this week, sending out dueling e-mails to promote their husbands as the June 7 runoff election approaches. But though Laurie Romer and Mary Louise Lee Hancock are on opposite sides, their notes had a common theme: My husband is a dork. But you should vote for him anyway.

Laurie Romer's e-mail landed in our inbox first. "Friends," it begins, "Sometimes in politics, the facts are few and far between. I am not very political -- I generally prefer the literary world -- but as a wife and mother, I figured that it's my job to set the record straight, on the funny and not so funny facts."


* Chris took modern dance at East High School. Yes, I was as surprised as you when I learned that after we were married.

* Chris still believes that dance should be taught. But more importantly, when it comes to high school class offerings, Chris strongly believes that only science should be taught in DPS biology classes.

More Facts:

* We're running an issues ad on TV about pay raises. Are the facts uncomfortable and even awkward to talk about? Yes, but they're true, and the public records of elected officials matter to Denver voters.

* My three daughters also think it's awkward when their dad is the loudest guy coaching from the sidelines at their lacrosse games and swim meets. Sorry girls...

Even More Facts:

* Chris is dyslexic. Still, he worked very hard throughout high school, and graduated with a degree in Economics.

* But, in 25 years of marriage Chris has never won a game of Scrabble against me.

The bit about science classes is a dig at Hancock's previous statement that he believes creationism should be taught in public schools, which he later retracted. As for the pay raises ad? Romer has since pulled it.

Hours after we received Laurie Romer's e-mail, a similar note arrived from Mary Louise Lee Hancock. Called "Seriously, Michael?" it pokes fun at Hancock's goody-two-shoes high school persona -- and burgeoning mustache.


You have got to be kidding me. Did you all see this video of my husband back when he was in high school? He looks just like our son. And is that a mustache he's trying to grow?

Click here to watch the 1989 video of Michael winning Channel 4's "Youth on the Move Award." http://hancockfordenver.com/content/watch-michaels-youth-move-video

My favorite part is when the reporter says, "Everybody likes Michael."

All joking aside, we're going to be receiving ballots to elect our next mayor starting tomorrow, and I hope you will vote Michael Hancock for Mayor.

I'm proud of my husband, the positive campaign he is running and the growing support he is receiving. And I'm proud that he is 19 days from realizing a dream he's had since he was a teenager.

It's pretty clear Michael set some high goals for himself, and he has reached many of them. As ballots land in your mailbox in the coming days, you can help Michael reach one more dream by voting him in as the next mayor of Denver.

How do you say no to a kid with a face like that?

Thanks for your support,

Mary Louise Lee

P.S. Can you believe we really dressed like this in the 80s?

No, Mary Louise Lee, we can't. By the way, how is your husband at Scrabble?

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