Xcel's Park Hill tree-replacement program takes root: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Park Hill residents can replace trees tagged for removal in the East 25th Avenue power-line upgrade project with these approved species...

Branchless Oak.

The easy-autumn rake-up tree shown above is recommended for planting in parking strips of 36 inches or less. Residents who hate to rake, see below...

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Circle Pines.

The growth pattern of the double-trunked spruce trees seen in the illustration above, is actually guided by voltage. Page down to see more options for classic tree lovers...

Dogleg Maple.

The Zigzagging trunk of the tree shown in the center of the illustration above, allows the canopy to grow in an open space away from power lines. Page down to see a piece of ash...


As seen in the drawing above, single-side tree branching is perfect for homes that sit on the south side of city avenues.

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