Yappers’ Corner: Planned Parenthood's Secret Relocation

Planned Parenthood’s “secret” property buy in the Stapleton area spurred plenty of angst this week when the women’s reproductive health organization divulged its purchase in the Denver Post. Planned Parenthood apparently kept the plan for a new clinic under wraps to avoid protesting, the likes of which stalled construction at one Austin office. Yet on the Post’s comments section, the organization’s hush-hush approach drew little ire. Instead, some readers decried the clinic’s new locale in Stapleton, adjacent to the historically black Park Hill. These abortion eugenics conspiracy theorists contend that Planned Parenthood builds abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods, effectively instigating a pre-birth genocide. Here’s one comment:

is it any wonder they’re putting it in a predominately black neighborhood? After all the founder of PP, a beloved lefty, was a strongly supported eugenics or “genetic modification for a superior race” The same crowd that brings you global warming, population control,feminism, environmentalism, anti-Christian movement, and believe the statement that humans are but pollution of the earth.(except of course for the intellectual elite)..strikes again. Time to get them out of power and back to the basics of a strong family and man and woman mother and father.

Another commenter referenced this website on a similar posting at coloradoconfidential.com.

Race-related speculation aside, the conversation on the Post’s site featured riotous comments from both sides of the abortion debate. Here are a few gems:

Right to Life (the pro-life group that plans to protest the new Denver Planned Parenthood) is a terrorist organization

Planned Parenthood is not an “abortion mill”. Planned Parenthood keeps your mucophagic offspring from getting pregnant, and also keeps uninformed readers such as those exhibited here from being uninformed about AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and unhealthy/high risk sexual practices. It’s a shame that more reader’s parents didn’t practice birth control… Interesting... if only I had listened to those "loons" back when I was a scared teenage girl who had everyone around me telling me it was ok to have an abortion. Now 15 years later I live daily with guilt, sadness and depression over the IMMATURE decision I made to kill my own child. You try living with a decision like that. Stop leading these poor lost girls to kill their babies, this will only make them more lost. Planned Parenthood made sure to let me know it was ok to do, it was the best thing to do, etc. They took great care of me and even held my hand as the doctor tore my baby to pieces and vacuumed it out of me. I even had the pleasure to be awake for all of it. DISGUSTING. Never forget those sounds. and that doctor who was nothing more than a hitman, hired by me for a few hundred bucks. I can't take it back but I can tell everyone my story especially those lost girls that are surrounded by people leading their babies to the slaughter. Wake up America there are MILLIONS more women who have the same feelings I have, stop the killing.

And then there was this comment, from one peace-pleading sap:

This has no business in the news. Whatever anyone’s opinion, the topic is to extreme. Please refrain as to not antagonize people!!!

-- Naomi Zeveloff

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