Yappers Delight: Week in Review

The big news in Denver this week revealed some odd and heartbreaking instances of animal and child abuse, as well as two free speech issues at Colorado public schools.

Yappers commenting on the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News websites responded to the former in full force. Here are a few gems:

On Denver native Scott D. Clark, an auditor for the federal government, who ripped off a duck’s head in a Minnesota hotel:

Need we analyze further. This is all Bush's fault. He lied, and a duck died.

On Gustavo Castanon, an animal shelter volunteer jailed for coaxing a basset hound to blow him:

Inquiring minds want to know!! Was he practicing safe sex?????

And on the caretakers of Niveah Gallegos, the three-year-old found dead in a Lakewood ravine. Her mother’s boyfriend was arrested on suspicion of murder, her mother on suspicion of being an accessory to murder:

You know as bassakwards as they are in the middle east they do a great job punishing scum bags. Public hangings, stoning, cutting criminals to shreds in the streets. Thats what these pieces of garbage deserve. Do we really have to be so politically correct to those criminals in publically funded facilities. Feed em to the sharks at the aquarium and let everyone watch. Then people would probably think twice against committing crimes

This week’s free speech stories actually engendered some dialogue on student rights and responsibility. At Boulder High, 100 students walked out during a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, objecting to the “God” reference. And at Colorado State University, student editor J. David McSwane faces possible dismissal for printing “Taser this…FUCK BUSH” in the college’s paper. On the first story, the commentators were split down ideological lines. Several people defended the students’ right to leave class, while others demanded their punishment for doing so. Many just chalked the incident up to Boulderites being Boulderites. Here’s one comment:

Perhaps they would fell better about it if was "one world under ALLAH? Which is what we all be saying if this is the future of US leaders. Sadly it is growing sub culture with many current democrats. If this our future of our country God help us! Are you kidding? You're kidding right? What a joke! That's all this is! An absolute joke! This is just another example of Political Correctness run amok and the problem that is our public school system. Instead of ensuring that these kids can read and write effectively, every liberal social agenda known to man is thrown into the high schools. No wonder European countries have smarter kids than we do. We too worried about how everyone feels. "Can't read or write little Johnny/Suzie? Who cares? How do FEEL though? Tell me how you FEEL." Come on! This is why we send our daughter to a private school. To avoid the disaster that is the current public school system.

But the CSU story, on the other hand, drew ire from readers of all political persuasions. The yappers were quick to condemn McSwane. His written protest, prompted by the tasering of a university student at a John Kerry forum, was reproached by libertarians, right wingers, and liberals alike who said he used his free speech forum inappropriately. Here’s one comment:

His name is McSwine for the vulgarity that is without any sense or meaning but to be vulgar. Why is it that college students like McSwine do not understand the difference between intelligence and a little education. They immediately feel they have acquired the former upon a little of the latter.

Yes he should be fired. If there was a purpose he never articulated it but made reference to fuzzy headed thought about freedom of speech and lack of concern for something he thought important.

If McSwine is worth the $50,000 in [advertising] cancellations I will be surprised. His freedom of speech is not worth that much I am certain and lets hope the supervisors consider that while they squirm trying to justify his firing. If he wants to talk dirty do it on his web site but spare the public his moronic thinking.

One reader tied the two stories together effortlessly:

Four words for the kids who walked out: Stay out, don't return. Four words for the teachers at Boulder high: Teach the kids history. Four words for Boulder: Tase this......F*** Boulder

On the immigration front, news in Colorado was rather slow this week, save for a debate between former Governor Dick Lamm and Benjamin Powell, a free market economist. But the comments section still yielded this Immigrant Hater of the Week:

What came first, the job or the immigrant? Powell wants to have open borders. Yea, I say we let in 50 million Chinese next year. We would definately create jobs, but is that what we want? The effects on our society would be horrible. Massive sprawl, crime, pollution, traffic jams, etc. Why don't we concentrate on raising the standard of living for American citizens? I don't want the U.S. to turn into some third world over populated shell of itself.

-- Naomi Zeveloff

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