Yelp's Must-See Denver Top 10

Yelp users specialize in pointing folks in the right direction.

Or at least interesting ones.

Take the site's list of must-sees for tourists. Some of the suggestions are to be expected, but quite a few others are surprising — including the item at number one, whose actual moniker isn't the name most of us use when referring to it.

Check out the top ten below, features photos, a sample Yelp user comment and links to the original items.

Number 10: ScooTours Denver Scooter Rental

Northwest, CBD
1417 California St
Denver, CO 80202
Phone number: 720-523-3240

User comment: 
Had an amazing time during the tour, in spite of the cold weather. The crew was very attentive to our needs and safety, and ensured everyone was comfortable before we (14 of us in total) headed out. I really enjoyed the cultural immersion via David's guidance, and got a good history lesson in, while enjoying the scooters as well. 
Number 9: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Northeast, City Park
2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80205
Phone number: 303-370-6000

User comment: 
I've loved this museum since I was a kid, and it's still great. It's one of my top museums in the states. They have a great array of science & nature exhibits on all topics and of all kinds. Some are interactive, some are visually striking. The mineral section is shaped like a mine and cave. The space area has a whole area that makes it look like you are inside a mars base overlooking mars. I've seen presentations made by people in "mars suits" out "on mars" to fascinated children sitting "inside the mars station." It's a delight.
Number 8: Denver Botanic Gardens

Congress Park, Southeast
1007 York St
Denver, CO 80206
Phone number: 720-865-3501

User comment: 
What a gorgeous place. I feel like there's so much we didn't even explore its so huge! Be sure to get a map so you don't miss out. I saw people tucked away on random benches having lunch and relaxing, artists out there painting, so much to see and do. There's a great kid area, however it's just as rad. For adults. If you're in Denver and have good weather, don't pass this place by!!!
Number 7: Denver Art Museum

Southwest, Golden Triangle
100 W 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204
Phone number: 720-865-5000

User comment: 
The museum was amazing! Yet, my favorite part of the museum must be all the hands on activities they have through out the museum. And not to mention the amazing art activity room they have by the entrance. I visited with three other grown adults, we had tons of fun at the kids section! The employees at the activity center were all really fun and helpful, they where all willing to show you how to use tools and make your experience even better.

The gift shop is designed beautifully, with a lot of fun jewelry and scarfs. Inside the gift shop they also have a small coffee shop which I highly recommend, besides coffee they have small snacks for sale as well. They also have sitting inside the gift shop so you can sip on your coffee and shop.

The museum is broken into two parts, the old mad the new building, a bridge connects them.
Unfortunately I spent five hours at the new building I was kicked out and didn't have time to visit the older one. Next time.

Overall, I highly recommend this museum, even for kids or adult kids!
Number 6: The DIA Giant Blue Bronco

8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, CO 80249
Phone number: 303-342-2000

User comment: 
OK, I can't in good conscious give something that creeps me out 5 stars, but I do concede that the piece gets people talking. Sure, maybe they are talking about how much they hate it — but they talk. Heck, I haven't been on a shuttle bus yet where SOMEONE doesn't say SOMETHING as soon as we pass the beast! I know I always crane my neck to see it. So that in itself says something — if you can get people to react that much to your piece — well heck you must be doing something right. Nobody said art had to be fluffy happy bunnies (or broncos in this case).

It is memorable. It scares the crap out of me. The fact that it killed its creator is just the kind of thing that will make it a mythical immortal piece that will live on in infamy!
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