You Know You're NOT From Colorado When: Reader's Picks

When we recently re-shared our vintage post featuring our favorite "You Know You're NOT from Colorado When" punchlines, we asked readers for their favorite way to complete that thought.

And as usual, you came through.

We photo-illustrated our ten favorite answers, which touch on traffic, wardrobe mistakes, overcrowding and more.

Count them down below.

Number 10: You know you're NOT from Colorado when....
...You use ski poles to do a three-mile hike in Evergreen.

Number 9: You know you're NOT from Colorado when.... use the left lane only to pass.

Number 8: You know you're NOT from Colorado when....'re confused by green crosses.

Number 7: You know you're NOT from Colorado when.... wear a jacket in weather that's over fifty degrees.

Number 6: You know you're NOT from Colorado when.... don't call Coca-Cola "soda pop."

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