YouTubers ratchet up the guilt on John Elway, other Denver celebs over child soldiers

On April 25, InvisibleChildren.com is staging events in 100 cities to bring attention to the abduction and forced recruitment of child soldiers -- an unspeakably cruel practice that's all too common in many parts of the world. In Denver, participants will gather at the main gate of Coors Field prior to "abducting" themselves down Broadway, past the State Capitol. They'll eventually wind up at the Pavilion at Cheesman Park, "where we will wait to be rescued" -- and they want celebrities to be set free as well. To that end, organizers have assembled a list of notable locals ranging from public officials -- senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, Mayor John Hickenlooper, Governor Bill Ritter -- to entertainers and sports personalities, all of whom they urge fellow marchers to contact. And that's not all. The advocates posted the YouTube video above, in which two supporters specifically request that John Elway take part -- and there are clips aimed at fellow Broncos legend Terrell Davis and The Fray, too. Each of these videos ask the luminaries in question to "Come to the Rescue!" Dunno if they will, but it's quite a pitch. Check it out by clicking above.

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