Zachary Foyt Busted in Lakewood for Beheading Texas' Jubal Alexander

According to the father of Jubal Dee Alexander, the murder of his son in Texas was horrific in and of itself. But the circumstances surrounding the crime have compounded the pain.

Alexander's body was found inside his truck, but not his head. He'd been decapitated — and at this writing, the head has not been found.

Now, Zachary Foyt has been arrested in Lakewood on suspicion of having committed the crime.

But the rationale behind the killing, and the reason Alexander's head was removed, remain elusive.

A resident of Port Arthur, Texas, Alexander, 24, had last worked as a pipe fitter at a chemical plant.

But at the time of his disappearance, he was homeless.

The last reported contact with him came on April 27.

Then, at around 6 p.m. on May 3, deputies with the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office were told about a dead body inside a blue Chevrolet pickup truck....

...parked under a bridge.... the Austin Bayou boat ramp near Angleton, Texas.

Because the body's head had been removed, identification had to be completed using fingerprints.

After Alexander was ID'd as the victim, a friend of his launched a GoFundMe page titled "Help Find Justice for Jubal."

Photos like this one....

...were accompanied by the following introduction:
I am Sam Yancey, Jubal Alexander was one of my co workers and a great friend to me, he helped me when I needed him and would do anything to help anyone else who was in need. He put others before himself and he would always take others under his wings and help them grow and better themselves. He was an amazing pipe fitter who enjoyed his job. Jubal Alexander was an amazing guy who worked a lot of hours to make ends meet. He was recently murdered, so I'm raising money and awareness for Jubal's family to cover funeral expenses, and for his family to hire a private investigator to dig deeper in his murder. Raising this money to help his family would be greatly appreciated, every little bit will count as it will be another step closer into laying our loved one to rest and finding who did this awful thing.
At this writing, just over $3,600 has been donated toward a goal of $20,000. For more information, click here.

As alluded to on the GoFundMe page, investigators initially had little to go on when it came to suspects.

Even the cause of death was unclear. The initial autopsy by the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office listed Alexander's cause of death as undetermined.

But then, the sheriff's office notes in a news release, a witness came forward to say that Foyt, also 24, had killed Alexander.

The sheriff's office acknowledges that no one has come forward thus far to say that Foyt and Alexander had previously known each other.

However, "information from this witness was verified by comparing tip information to information that has not been made public."

Foyt, who'd had previous run-ins with the law, as witnessed by this mug shot....

...was subsequently taken into custody in Lakewood by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

A Brazoria County investigative team traveled to Colorado to question Foyt even as other witnesses were being quizzed.

Soon thereafter, Foyt was arrested on suspicion of killing Alexander.

He's currently in the Jeffco jail awaiting extradition to Texas. His bail has been set at $5 million.

Look below to see Foyt's latest booking photo, followed by a heartbreaking piece from ABC13 in Houston. In it, Alexander's father says his son came to him in a dream and said "he had to go."

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