Zachrey Harris busted in Joseph Owen Coy case of alleged racial attack on CU's Olubiyi Ogundipe

On Saturday, Joseph Owen Coy was accused of a racially motivated attack on Olubiyi Ogundipe for allegedly punching the Nigeria-born CU student amid slurs about monkeys and worse -- but Boulder Police didn't know if Coy's two companions would face similar charges. Now, one of them -- Zachrey Harris, 21 -- is facing a bias-motivated count that doesn't involve fisticuffs, and the third man is off the hook and cooperating. More in the release below:

City of Boulder release:

Second suspect arrested in bias-motivated crime

A second suspect has been arrested in connection with a bias-motivated crime that occurred on Sept. 18 at Broadway and Pleasant Street. Zachrey David Harris, date of birth of 4/17/1989, of Wilderness, Colorado, turned himself into law enforcement authorities last night on charges stemming from his involvement in the crime.

Harris has been charged with a bias-motivated crime at a Class 1 misdemeanor level and harassment, which is a Class 3 misdemeanor. Evidence in the investigation led police to believe Harris was involved in a verbal confrontation but did not physically assault the victim.

The charges stem from the Sept. 18 assault of a Nigerian CU student. The student, Olubiyi Ogundipe, and a friend were walking down the street when they were confronted by men using racial slurs. After a verbal exchange, the confrontation turned violent. Another suspect in the case, Joseph Coy, is accused of punching Ogundipe. Coy was arrested the night of the assault and has been formally charged in the case.

Harris turned himself into authorities at the Adams County Sheriff's Department. Bond was set at $10,000.

"We are pleased that we were able to solve this so quickly and get those responsible arrested and charged. As we've said before, this type of crime will not be tolerated in our community," Police Chief Mark Beckner said.

The Boulder Police Department has identified a third suspect who was not charged as there was no evidence to indicate that he participated in the name calling or assault. He has cooperated with the police department during this investigation.

The case number for this incident is 10-11621.

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