Zack Zuchowski, Murder Try Suspect: "Moment Someone Doesn't Deserve Sh*t"

The most recent post on 21-year-old Zack Zuchowski's Facebook page (it dates back to early 2014) reads, "The moment someone doesn't deserve shit and should just die and go to hell."

If law enforcers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are right, Zuchowski did his best to make this line a reality.

Last week, he allegedly tried to kill someone, prompting a vigorous manhunt in Jefferson County.

He's currently in custody on suspicion of attempted murder and more.

The portraits in Zuchowski's Facebook gallery are mostly good-time images, including this one....

...and even the first image tweeted out by the JCSO on Friday, October 16, finds him smiling.

However, the reason for the message was extremely serious.

Here's the image and the note, accompanied by a followup:

Thus far, the information about the incident itself is pretty much limited to the description in tweet number two.

But authorities took it very seriously indeed. As noted by 9News, a perimeter was set up in the area near Ken Caryl Middle School on Thursday, October 15, in an effort to nab Zuchowski, who was thought to be nearby.

The search was called off at around 8 p.m. that evening, after which the alert to the public went out.

Then, just shy of midnight on the 16th, the JCSO tweeted that Zuchowski had been taken into custody. "Details will be released when they are available," the sheriff's office notes.

In the meantime, here's a look at Zuchowski's booking photo. This time, he's not smiling.

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