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"Zero pro-Wolf people" at latest anti-Obama billboard picket session, says protest leader

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Update, 4:01 p.m.: Pat Dunn just called with information about a court hearing earlier today involving an altercation at an earlier protest. Look below for more information.

On Friday, we told you about a call for a counter-protest against the group picketing Wolf Interstate Leasing & Sales, 4855 Miller Street in Wheat Ridge, over a billboard that questions President Barack Obama's nation of birth amid references to jihad and the massacre at Fort Hood.

Pat Dunn, corresponding by e-mail, reveals that no conflict between the opposing sides flared on Saturday due to a lack of turnout by those who agree with the sign's message.

There were "zero pro-Wolf people," Dunn writes, leaving the dealership with "lots of cold coffee" available to those who wanted to express views opposed to hers.

In contrast, Dunn says over a dozen protesters continued their demonstration against the placard, and "more and more people are stopping by and taking pictures of our signs. When this first started, many people were taking pictures of the billboard, but things are changing. A sweet older lady stopped and said, 'And he says that billboard is not racist... shame, shame, shame.'"

This morning, Dunn will attend a hearing in Wheat Ridge focusing on a member of her group who she says "was injured when a pro-Wolf man threw a wooden pallet at her and hit her leg the first day the sign went up, November 20." We'll update this item after the hearing.

In the meantime, Dunn offers this observation: "Community Support = Priceless."

Update, 4:01 p.m.: The aforementioned court hearing ended a short time ago. Pat Dunn, who attended, provides the details.

The defendant in the case was Mark W. Mason, a handyman who was hired to do some work at Wolf Interstate. Two of the protesters -- Mary Schaffer, 53, and her elderly mother, Ann -- said he tried to destroy a banner they carried by throwing a wooden pallet that struck them in the legs. Mason was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in Wheat Ridge municipal court, and after testimony by individuals representing both sides of the conflict, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge: damaged property, a misdemeanor.

Judge Christopher Randall fined Mason $600, with $400 of that amount suspended in a deferred judgment. He was also asked to pay court costs, attend a one-day anger management course, and write a letter of apology to the Schaffers.

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