Zig-Zag rolling paper dude's shrine to freedom: Kenny Be's Sign Language

All of the cool kids learn early on that good times will be had wherever the Zig-Zag rolling-paper dude is found. As seen in the photo above, the celebrated smoker peers from his tastefully painted portal onto a pleasant parking lot on South Federal Blvd. From his perch on high, above the the barbecue and the Beamer, he beckons all to celebrate freedom with a free pipe and a free tat-2... The skipping-Spiderman sign pictured above sits beneath the shop's street sign at curbside. The hand-painted lettering announces the special offer of a "Free Pipe with Tat-2." Looking back at the picture of the store front, the hand-painted lettering in the center of the window to the right offers a "Free Tat-2."

The circular logic of the free-pipe-with-free-tat-2 offer suggests low profit margins. Like a shrine, this business is committed to the mysterious cycles of life and revering the good times with sacred relics. Freedom is just mind-boggling.

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Kenny Be
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