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20 breweries that plan to open in Denver in 2014

There were 23 breweries inside Denver's city limits at the start of 2013 (depending on how you count them), and by December 21, when Station 26 opened in North Park Hill, there were 29 (again, depending on how you count them). But by this time next year, there could be fifty -- or more. The following is a list of twenty would-be beer makers who plan to open in 2014, or at least to begin construction. Each one has a signed lease, a contract on a piece of property or, in the case of one, a lease that had to be dissolved in order to find a better location. There are at least a dozen other breweries-in-planning that also have designs on 2014, but who don't yet have a location. And that's just Denver. If you count the suburbs, the numbers are even higher. So put your drinking pants on and get ready for a happy new beer in a happy new year. Baere Brewing 320 Broadway Baere Brewing recently signed a least for a space in a former martial arts studio at 320 Broadway, just a block away from TRVE Brewing. The owners plan to have a one-barrel pilot system in addition to a larger brewhouse. They have been gathering followers with their Urban Hop Project, in which they gave out hops rhizomes for people to grow in their backyards. Once the brewery is open, people will be able to bring in the their hops each summer for use in a beer -- similar to what Denver Beer Co does. Beryl's Beer Company 3120-C Blake Street A play on words, Beryl's Beer Company will focus on barrels, or rather barrel-aged beers that owner Calvin and Beth fell in love with while they were dating and touring breweries around Colorado. The word is also a tribute to the colors of some beryl gemstones, which reminded them of the color of beer. Beryl's will be located in the River North neighborhood, which has quickly become a playground for Denver beer lovers. Can't Stop Brewing 240 South Pecos Street Using the tagline, "Good beer for bad people," the four owners of Can't Stop Brewing plan to open in an industrial part of town and make traditional beer styles with a twist. In December, they made one of these, 3 A.M. Pale, at Strange Brewing, as part of that brewery's One Barrel Wednesday series. Eventually, Can't Stop Brewing plans to make other beers with unusual names, such as Ironic Doom Amber Hefeweizen; Dark Sarcasm Pepper Porter; Credible Threat Belgian Dubbel; Slick Willy Cream Ale and Strictly Taboo Belgian IPA. Chain Reaction Brewing West Mississippi Avenue and Lipan Street Cousins Zack and Chad Christofferson are gearing up to open a nanobrewery in a location that they've leased near the intersection of West Mississippi Avenue and Lipan Street. Although the two don't want to give out the exact address until they are able to begin work on the building, hopefully sometime this spring, Zack says the operation will be small, with a one-barrel system and a couple of two-barrel fermenters. Comrade Brewing 7667 East Iliff Avenue Welkome to the Party. That's the motto for Comrade Brewing, which plans to open in southeast Denver next year with "back-to-basics" beers -- like a Kolsch, an IPA, an irish red and a milk stout -- and a tongue-in-cheek nod to Communism. But owner David Lin says he's really celebrating the camaraderie that the craft brewing industry has become known for. The 5,300-square-foot location will include a tap room with room for more than ninety people and a fifteen-barrel brewing system. See also: Comrade Brewing will salute southeast Denver in 2014
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