9th Door opens second spot in the Beauvallon

The fifth time could be a charm for the 9th Door, an offshoot of the LoDo tapas spot that just opened in a transformed space in the Beauvallon that's already been home to four other restaurants.

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Owner Bill Kennedy and partners Dan Woodward and John Wang took note of that history when they took on the space; Kennedy even used a sage stick to smudge out the evil spirits of predecessors Se7en, Mr. Coco's Bar * Grill, Marni's Steakhouse and Moe's Southwest Grill.

Even more important than the sage ceremony, though, is the interior transformation: The space is cozy, swank and dark, with a great bar area; it's smaller than the 9th Door that opened eight years ago on Blake Street, and much more intimate -- even though it lacks the bed in the lounge of the original. Otherwise, though, the drinks and menu are the same -- except that there will be no paella nights at this spot.

Keep reading for a look at the new 9th Door.


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