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Are Colorado's Trader Joe's locations opening in 2013 -- or 2014?

When last year it was revealed that Trader Joe's had finally decided to open two stores in Colorado, the clouds parted, cherubs started playing shiny little harps, citizens long-deprived of TJ's inexpensive branded products began rejoicing -- and marked their calendars for those fateful days in late 2013 when the Denver and Boulder stores would open.

This week, they got more good news from the Denver Post: A third Trader Joe's will open in Greenwood Village in 2014. But that story also contained a suggestion that none of the stores will open until 2014 -- which left us hungry to know more.

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Yesterday, Trader Joe's spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki left a message for Westword confirming the good/bad news: "Trader Joe's has signed a lease to open a third location at Cherry Hills Marketplace, 5901 South University Boulevard, Greenwood Village," she said. "The store is scheduled to open in 2014. Our other Denver and Boulder locations are scheduled to open in 2014."

Construction is well under way at the Trader Joe's site in Denver, at the southeast corner of East Eighth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard (this is the store that will have the company's sole Colorado liquor license). It's also moving fast at the Twenty-Ninth Street mall in Boulder -- so fast, in fact, that Kate Taggart Honea, senior marketing manager of Twenty-Ninth Street, told the Boulder Daily Camera this week that the projected opening date of the Boulder store is still "late fall -- definitely 2013. At this point," she added, "I don't see any reason that we would be delayed into 2014."

We contacted Honea for clarification, and haven't heard back. But we did get this second message from Mochizuki: "Boulder is scheduled to open in 2014 as with our other two Denver locations."

TJ's lovers, don't break out the two-buck Chuck just yet...

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