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Argonaut Wine & Liquor manager Casey Capper stocks up on Otter Pops

Casey Capper likes to hang on to stuff, which, hoarding aside, isn't necessarily all that strange. It's where he hangs on to stuff that's a bit odd.

Capper, the manager of Argonaut Wine & Liquor, agreed to share the contents of his fridge, which just happen to include a three-year-old plate of his grandmother's sugar cookies and a copy of Zoolander.

The DVD, he explains, is an act of revenge on a friend who stole his prized copy of Gleaming the Cube a while back. Turns out the fridge is a sweet hiding spot. Even though it's been about a year, his friend has yet to detect his missing movie in Capper's fridge.

The cookies (on the right hand side of the bottom shelf, under the tortillas) are a little tougher to explain. "I've had that plate of my grandma's Christmas cookies for like three years," he says. "They're really good. I didn't have the heart to throw them away. I can't break that bond."

Capper, a vegetarian, also can't pass up a deal. His freezer is so overstuffed with Morningstar faux meat products, that he has to put some in the fridge. (He says they keep just fine there.) The Otter Pops on the bottom left are also overstock, Capper says. He loves them.

Unsurprisingly, there's a fair amount of liquor in Capper's fridge, too. There's a sixer of Pug Ryan Pali Pilsner up top and a couple bottles of wine (probably champagne and a New Zealand sauvignon blanc) behind the orange juice. Fridge staples are veggie bacon and almond-wrapped port wine cheese (front and center).

The scene is a typical one for Capper's fridge, which also contains a Chinese takeaway carton, although Capper insists it's not his. "That's someone else's leftover Pei Wei," he says. "That's not even mine."

Have anyone whose fridge innards you'd like us to scope out? Send an e-mail to [email protected].

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