Attivo Libre will help turn the Golden Triangle into the Taco Triangle

The owners of Attivo Pizza & Subs are opening a taco joint at 124 East Ninth Avenue, the space that was home to Attivo for nearly a decade before it moved across the street into the Beauvallon last year. Its next incarnation will be as Atttivo Libre, a taqueria that will prepare (and deliver) specialty tacos on handmade tortillas.

And turn this portion of the Golden Triangle into the Taco Triangle.

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Attivo Libre is just the latest in Mexican-themed restaurants coming to the area: 100% de Agave opened at the end of February in the former home of Japoix in the Beauvallon, and Cantina is slated to open within the month at 1109 Lincoln Street, in the former home of the Hive -- and, long ago, Cielo, a great Mexican spot.

And just a few blocks away at 609 Grant Street, Moontower Taco is also now turning out tacos morning, noon and night.

Attivo Libre should open within the next two weeks; check its website for updates.

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