Attivo spices up the New Year

Attivo Pizza & Subs 124 East Ninth Avenue 303-996-9956

Pancho Villa Turkey, avocado, jalapeno, lime, cilantro, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, red onion, oil, vinegar, spices $7.95

The end of the year is a thoughtful time..a pensive time..a time to think about what we have accomplished and what we have not, what we want to do next year and what we don't. And it's a time for regrets, freakin' gnarly-ass regrets that keep us up at night!

For me, the last day of the year is a time to remember the sandwiches I've eaten and to lament the ones I didn't get to, or the ones I did get to, but didn't like.

Thank god, then, for the Pancho Villa. It has changed my life.

Well, not really. Or rather, not yet. It still might, according to one of the two Attivo sandwich craftsmen I talked to. Both were excited when I ordered this sandwich, telling them I'd never had it before. "It's life-changing," one of them said. "You may have lost your 401(k) in 2008, but you found this sandwich, and that will make next year better for you."

Wow. Give the Pancho Villa points for its enthusiastic army of backers. I'm not sure why a little Italian food joint that specializes in take-out pizzas and calzones has a sandwich named after the infamous, sombrero-wearing Mexican general, but it doesn't matter. Because the Pancho Villa is like no sandwich I've ever had.

The lime, cilantro, onion and jalapeño combined with the avocado to make a perfect deconstructed guacamole. The effect was like eating an Ensenada soft taco, but with turkey and oil. Frankly, it was mind-blowing. And this bad boy packs a spicy punch, which made for some good end-of-the-year fireworks.

Attivo cooks up its pizza dough and sauce on site every day. It also roasts its own turkey and bakes its own bread. The bread I got could have been a little fresher, but I did stop in very late in the day, so I'll give Attivo a pass on that one.

Will the Pancho Villa change my life? That remains to be seen, but it was the perfect sandwich to ring out the old and welcome the new. - Jonathan Shikes

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