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Reader: Denver Is More Liberal, but Austin Has Better Food Overall

Danielle Lirette
As Mark Antonation noted this week, Denver and Austin share many things: Both are capital cities with an independent streak and a fondness for great food and drink. As a result, Colorado outfits have started opening outposts in Austin (Snooze, Infinite Monkey Theorem, among others), and Austin concepts are now invading the Mile High City, including six that Antonation listed.

But there's one thing these two cities do not share: nastiness. According to a recent survey of 25 cities based on restaurant reviews left on Facebook, Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor, Denver diners are the second-nicest; the only city with people who are easier to please is Charleston, South Carolina. And the city with the toughest-to-please diners? Austin.

Maybe that's what comes of a business community that pushes the slogan "Keep Austin Weird." Here's what readers have to say about the Austin invasion:

Says Flores: 
I think the originals are better where they are.
Adds Tama: 
Everyone I’ve met here has been to or lived in Austin.
Responds Cara: 
It’s so weird, like those are the only two cities that exist, haha.
Suggests Sandra: 
Denver is weirder than Austin.
Notes Dave: 
When you have announce you are weird, then you’re not.
Brian replies: 
The only thing that makes Austin seem weird is when you compare it to the rest of Texas!
Says Zack: 
We never wanted anything Texan here to begin with.
Asks Daniel:
 Ever drive behind an ass from Texas downhill? Like going to their restaurants..they do have the BEST brisket, though.
And Scott concludes: 
Austin is peculiar in that you've got an extremely liberal (for Texas) city that's also full of the State Capitol conservatives. I wouldn't say Austin is nearly as much like Denver as people think — Denver is definitely more liberal without the Texas influence, but Austin has much better food overall. Literally everywhere in the South has much better food, it seems.

I like Torchy's but I feel like Chuy's is meh and just hasn't been doing it for me. Hopdoddy was good in Texas, but I feel like there are better burgers here — for some reason, even though Texas is supreme with their BBQ, they never could get the burgers quite right.
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