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Barry'[email protected] moves into former Arabian Bar space

Nine years ago, Barry Zadikoff took over the old Skylark Lounge space at 58 Broadway and transformed the address into Barry's on Broadway. Now he plans to basically clone Barry's in Highland. He's taken over the former Arabian Bar, which had been in business since the '20s at 3360 Navajo Street, and hopes have Barry'[email protected] open by early December.

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This was one of the most coveted pieces of property in Highland, which just saw Longo's Subway Tavern sold to Larimer Associates.

Zadikoff says he's gutted the building and is in the process of doing a full remodel, which includes installing windows (the building didn't have any before), and cutting out the drop ceiling to make the 1,000 square-foot space look bigger. The exterior is also getting stuccoed, and there are plans for landscaping. He also hopes to get city approval for 50-foot-long patio along 34th Avenue.

Like Barry's on Broadway, the new bar will have a retro style with a checkerboard floor, and some chrome-and-black leather tuck and roll. Since Zadikoff has had a lot of success with Skee-Ball on Broadway, there will be one at this location, too, along with a few vintage arcade games and flatscreen TVs.

"It's basically going to be a neighborhood bar, which Barry's on Broadway is," Zadikoff says. "It's a real non-pretentious place. People ask, 'What's your theme?' Our theme is we have no theme."

Zadikoff says he'd known the family that had owned the property for four decades. He'd thought about having a bar in Highland for the last twenty years, and the place just fell in his lap, he explains: Through a friend in the vending business, Zadikoff got word in the middle of June that the Arabian Bar was going to lose its liquor license at the end of the month, so he stepped in. After taking over the place, Zadikoff was able to have the liquor license transferred within two weeks.

Before taking over Barry's on Broadway, Zadikoff owned Tug's Bar & Grill in Northglenn for more than two decades. and he also owns My Bar at 10139 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora. He calls that spot the "League of Nations," because you can go in there any time and hear several different languages.

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