Battle of the dueling Cebiches is over, with LoHi the winner

The fight was ugly, even raw. But the Cebiche wars are now over, and the Cebiche on West 32nd Avenue is the winner. That was the original Cebiche, a Peruvian-flavored restaurant that closed in 2009, reopened briefly under a new name, closed again, then reopened, again, in 2011 as Cebiche, with building owner Gabriella Watts at the helm.

In the meantime, Sergio Iraola, who'd once managed the restaurant on West 32nd, had plans to open his own spot. See also: - New Cebiche opens on West 38th Avenue, old one opens on West 32nd - Cebiche now serving on West 38th - Best Fried Pumpkin 2008: Cebiche

Which he did in the summer of 2011, at 7000 West 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, the former home of Minilla's Restaurant. He named this restaurant Cebiche, too, which caused no end of confusion.

Vendors were confused, would-be customers were confused, and there was talk of lawsuits.

But now the competition has officially ended: The Cebiche in Wheat Ridge has closed; no one answers its old number.

That makes the LoHi Cebiche the winner....this round.

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