Bears bars and Packers bars: Denver bars to watch Sunday's game

The Broncos have finished one of their worst seasons in team history, so why not take your belligerence out of the house and go watch the two other teams still in contention for the Super Bowl trophy?

This Sunday, the Green Bay Packers, lead by Aaron Rodgers, are taking on their division rival Chicago Bears, lead by Jay "thanks for the memories" Cutler, on the Bear's home turf at Soldier Field.

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Not only is this a heated gridiron division rivalry, but the last time these two foes met in the playoffs was in 1941, when the Packers lost to the Bears 33-14 in the 1941 Western Division Championship Game.

So the question is this: Where, in Broncos Country, are the best places to hang out with all the transplant fans from Chicago and Green Bay who actually still have teams to root for?

Herewith, our suggestions.

If it's the Packers you're praying for, check out these joints:

Rocky Flats Lounge, 11229 Highway 93, Boulder

"Rocky Flats has been a Packer bar for over thirty years. The original owners were from Wisconsin and we've kept it that way ever since," says hostess Paula Sellers. In fact, Westword wrote about that back in 1996, during Brett Farve's golden days: "Where the Cheeseheads Meet." "We offer all of the Wisconsin favorites like brats, burgers, cheese curds, and we even have a fish fry every Friday," Sellers says.

If you're a die-hard Packers fan, and you just want to see your north division rivals square off against each other for the first time in seventy years, try Roo Bar, 3480 Park Avenue West

"Roo Bar is a good place for previous [Wisconsin] residents to root for their team. It's all green and gold here, and for the Bears fans that do show up, they're treated nicely but get a little razzing, of course," admits manager John Zelzer, adding that Sunday's menu will offer "half-price wings, cheap beer, and Lambo fight songs during the game."

However, if it's the Bears you're ballyhooing, consider these fine establishments:

Wyman's, 2033 East Thirteenth Avenue

According to bartender, Jennifer Turecki, Wyman's is offering $1.75 Old Styles, $5 Bloody Mary bar and deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. "We show any and every game from Chicago, and it's a packed house with 98 percent Bears fans," Turecki says.

Or try out Govnr's Park 672 Logan Street

"Govnr's is a Bears gathering place. During every playoff game, we have a "Bear's Lair," which is a fun place for fans to get together," says manager Mark "MJ" Johnson. "As for our specials, at half time we have free food served buffet style as well as $2 Old Style cans and we also give away jerseys and flags."

It doesn't matter which team's bandwagon you decide to jump on: Either way, there's going to be food and drink a plenty, not to mention a rematch seventy years in the making that you just won't want to miss.

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