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Behind the bar, Bryan Dayton is a Frasca Star

Bryan Dayton has been behind the bar at Frasca, the legendary three-star restaurant, since the eatery was eight months old. But he's been in Boulder a lot longer than that and is an expert on fake IDs, trail running, the dangers of a "dirty" martini and how important it is for the hospitality industry to get the respect it deserves. Now serving: Bryan Dayton.

How did you get into bartending? I started bartending when I turned 21. I wanted to be a bartender long before that, though, when I was running around with my fake IDs in college; thank God I only got caught once. I was working at Juanita's, and they trained me up. A lot of beers and shots. It was so much fun!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen while working behind the bar? Too many to count. I am numb to bizarre behavior now. Society is crazy, and being in a bar, it brings out all the imperfections.

Where do you drink most regularly other than your own bar? At home. I have a stellar home bar. If you ever need a drink, let me know.

Do you have any rules when you're tending bar? No drinking, just tasting. Always make the guest feel at home. Make quality and consistent cocktails.

What is your favorite drink to make? Any classic cocktail.

What is your least favorite drink to make? Dirty martinis. If you want a salad, order one.

Weirdest drink someone ever asked you to make: An upside-down tequila hooker! Don't ask. You don't want it, I promise!

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