Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs will open a second location on South Broadway

It's been almost two years since Bill Feid opened Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs in the Ballpark Neighborhood, vending wieners tricked out with the traditional stylings of Chicago, his hometown, in addition to dozens of other sausages and dogs with an array of toppings.

Now, the owner is about to branch out: He's planting a second Billy's on South Broadway in Englewood.

"The space is about twice the size," says Feid. "And there are three patios." And that means he expects patrons to post up with a beer and a dog the way they do at the downtown location, whiling away the hours of a lazy afternoon.

The new spot, says Feid, will feature the same hot dogs and sausages found downtown, but he's expanding the menu, too. "We'll be adding a full ice cream and dessert menu," he reveals. "We'll be doing homemade ice cream and soft serve."

He'll also be plunking that ice cream into "adult desserts," since the Englewood Billy's recently scored a full liquor license.

"If all goes according to plan, we should open next week," says Feid. "We have to get through all of our inspections, and then we'll make an official announcement."

Hot dog.

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