Blue state v. red state: Which Colorado do you live in?

Colorado is a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election. In polls, Colorado looks like a toss-up between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with leads shifting back and forth by the day -- and which way the vote ultimately goes could decide the national outcome. By the numbers, though, this state is pure purple: More than a third of our voters are officially unaffiliated, with the rest divided almost equally between the Democratic and Republican parties. How do you know which color of Colorado you live in? You are what -- and where -- you eat! Keep reading for our handy guide. Trader Joe's vs. Walmart Le Bakery Sensual vs. Masterpiece Cakeshop Celestial Seasonings vs. the Tea Party Microbrews vs. Coors 20 percent tip vs. 15 percent tip Williams & Graham vs. Ship Tavern Santiago's vs. Casa Bonita Slow food vs. fast food Chipotle vs. Chick Fil-A Smashburger vs. Wendy's City, O' City vs. Del Frisco's Edamame vs. jerky

Most important: Which categories did we miss? Leave your own red-blue suggestions in the comments section below -- or feel free to fill in the purple.

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