Boulder's Shine Restaurant launches its bottled potion drinks this Sunday

Shine Restaurant and Gathering Space will use the magical light created by the city's annual Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival to launch its line of "bottled potions" at their Fairy Day Release Party on Sunday.

The potions, which have been available in Shine at the bar, are drinks with a mixture of herbs, spices, juices, honey and hints of flower, tree and gem essences. They are being bottled because they were so popular, says Shine spokeswoman Annie Brown.

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"We have a new label and they have been quietly available since the end of last year, but we got the labels sorted out and now they're 100 percent available," she explains.

Fairy Day at Shine will include a DJ, magicians, face painting, stilt walkers, trapeze artists and bubble blowing. Free samples of the potions will be available.

Only three out of the thirteen flavors created will be available in bottles. Each flavor is supposed to provide specific states of being. Fairy Bubbles gives the drinker joy, mirth and fanciful emotions, whereas Owl Eyes is for clarity and focus. Three Laughing Monks attempts to lighten your load, tickle your belly and lift you with laughter.

"They have different components," Brown says. "They have herbs and intention -- which means when [Shine's potion master] is creating each one, it reflects the potion itself." The potion master, Andy, will be at the event, talking about his recipes and stories behind each drink.

The drinks are also available at Fresh Thymes in Boulder and Nectar House in Denver. Brown says they are getting calls every day from restaurants that want to carry the drinks.

An eight-ounce bottle of potion retails for $5, and a 32-ounce bottle goes for $26.99

Shine Restaurant was opened three years ago by triplet sisters, Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich. It's located in Boulder at 2027 13th Street, and serves local and organic food.

The event on Sunday will be from 2 to 7 p.m. and is free of charge.

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