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Brewery Bar III Shutters in Lone Tree, but the Kalamath Location Is Sticking Around

The original Brewery Bar opened in the old Tivoli Brewery in 1954 and moved to Kalamath in 1974, while the Lone Tree outpost debuted in 2003.
Brewery Bar II has been open since 1958.
Brewery Bar II has been open since 1958. Molly Martin
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This week, Brewery Bar III, at 9228 Park Meadows Drive in Lone Tree, closed, leaving some wondering if the longstanding Brewery Bar II at 150 Kalamath Street would meet the same fate. On November 17, the Facebook page for the Denver outpost posted a message assuring everyone that II would remain open, and asking fans to "please spread the word and stop the rumors!"

Owner Doug Lundstrom confirms, "Brewery Bar III has closed. ... I am retiring somewhat. Brewery Bar II is still open and I’ll be at that location." But is there any truth in those rumors? "No, not true," he promises.

Brewery Bar has a long history in Denver. It's one of the oldest still-operating restaurants and is the second-oldest Mexican restaurant, just behind La Popular, which opened in 1951 — though it hasn't been in the same location or under the same owner for its full run.

"Abe Shur was the original owner starting in 1954 at the Tivoli Brewery — that’s why it’s called the Brewery Bar," Lundstrom explains. "Then in 1974, he lost his lease and moved on Kalamath, which my family owns the block. He leased the building from us from 1974 to 1994, when we bought the Brewery Bar II."
red-hued green chile on a plate over rellenos
Green chile-smothered rellenos from Brewery Bar II.
Molly Martin
Brewery Bar III in Lone Tree was added in 2003. While that two-decade run has come to an end, Brewery Bar II will continue to serve Mexican fare, including some of the best green chile in town. Available in mild, hot or half-and-half, we love the tomato-heavy take on this regional favorite doused over chiles rellenos.

In addition to the food, Brewery Bar II is one of our favorite places to imbibe, landing on our latest edition of the 100 bars we can't live without, which was released on November 21.

The secret to Brewery Bar's longstanding success? "Of course, it's our loyal customers who have made that possible," Lundstrom concludes.
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