How many inches can you swallow?
How many inches can you swallow?

Burger King's horizontal enlargement is a lot to swallow

Burger business is big, and Burger King, shrine to the Whopper, is getting length. The fast-food meat mecca, with grease-splattered locations all over the globe, is aiming to outsize its foot-long hot dog competition by conquering the world with inch after inch after inch of flame-broiled beef patties -- three to be exact -- lined up horizontally on a sesame seed bun, providing long-lasting pleasure in every chew -- as long as you don't spew.

The company, which has already introduced an XTra Long Chili Cheese burger to the Germans and, apparently, a Malaysian XTra Long Cheese Supreme to parts of Asia, is now inching its way into the mouths of Austrians and the Dutch, bestowing upon them the XTra Large Rodeo BBQ burger mounted with cheese, onion rings and Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce. Giddyap, y'all!

At the moment, there's no indication that Burger King will bring the foot-long beast stateside, but after watching the following YouTube commercial pimping the German version, why would we want it to?

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