Bye, bye xiao long bao: Tao Tao Noodle Bar goes dark

I'm not happy, and if she were still here, outgoing


restaurant critic Laura Shunk wouldn't be happy either. And if you, like us, bowed in gratitude to the xiao long bao (named

Best of Denver in 2012

) at

Tao Tao Noodle Bar

, an excellent Chinese joint in Aurora that opened in March of last year, then we can all weep together, because those xiao long bao -- and Tao Tao Noodle Bar -- have seemingly gone by the wayside. Owners David Lee and May Sung, who opened Chopsticks China Bistro, their first Chinese restaurant, on Federal Boulevard in 2008 and then

resurrected it in swanky suburbia

, where it was later

seized for non-payment of taxes

, took a hiatus before settling on Aurora for their third restaurant, which they named Tao Tao Noodle Bar.

So much for that whole "third time's a charm" malarkey. A "closed" sign that was visible on the door last week -- for several consecutive days -- has now dropped to the pavement, no one answers the phone, the space is dark and the parking lot is vacant, all signs that point to another (great) restaurant that's shuttered.

There's only one word for that: suckage.

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