Openings and Closings

Café Cafe to become La Crema

Café Cafe, the cozy crepes and coffee shop at 2339 West 44th Avenue, is getting a new owner and a new name: La Crema Cafeteria.

The cafe, a community gathering spot in the Sunnyside neighborhood that happens to offer some of the finest lox around, has been purchased by Ulises Santiago, chef at the Red Tango, the popular Latin American restaurant in Wheat Ridge.

While the changeover is scheduled to occur Monday, Santiago says regulars shouldn't expect a radical departure from what they've known. For the time being, the decor as well as the crepe- and sandwich-heavy menu will remain largely the same, though in a month or so new items will be added to the roster, such as Argentinean roast pork and fresh fish sandwiches.

"I'll be bringing in some new stuff," says Santiago. "But first I want to see what people really like."

Darlene Bochert, the café's previous owner, says business had been going pretty well, but when Santiago approached her about buying the establishment, she decided it was time for a change. "It sounded like he had some great ideas for the menu," she says. "I hope people keep coming in to support it."

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