Cafe|Bar Closes, Lo Stella Rises: A Second Helping of Cafe Society, October 20-24

This week in Cafe Society, Mark Antonation visited with

Lorena Cantarovici

, who moved

Maria Empanada
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from Lakewood to South Broadway this year. Gretchen Kurtz reviewed

Kobe An Shabu Shabu

, an offshoot of Kobe An, a longtime Japanese restaurant in Lakewood that just closed in anticipation of a move to Cherry Creek.

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Also this week, we talked to

Illegal Pete's founder Pete Turner

about a demand that he change the name of his about-to-open restaurant in Fort Collins. We visited the new

Cafe United

, another Work Options for Women project that provides on-the-job training. And we revealed why Halloween will not be a


. In other news:

OPENING THIS WEEK* Lo Stella Ristorante, 1135 Bannock Street Suvipa Thai Food, 1015 South Federal Boulevard

CLOSING THIS WEEK* Cafe|Bar, 292 Pennsylvania Street Kobe An, 85 South Union Boulevard, Lakewood (moving to Cherry Creek North) Pho De, 1015 South Federal Boulevard

* or earlier, and not mentioned in a previous Second Helping.

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