Cafe Society: Week in review

What you might have missed this week...

Jason Sheehan asks readers to chime in on the best last place to take your significant other.  Do you have a better restaurant to suggest for a break-up date?

The team at Duo, rated Westword's best New American Restaurant 2009, will be opening Olivea this weekend..

Would your friends and co-workers ever forgive you if you passed up the chance to score free booze and chocolate?  Win one of 20 happy hours at Vesta Dipping Grill or a year of chocolate.

Amidst confusion surrounding swine flu, some diners are avoiding pork while others can't think of a better time to chow down, perhaps while enjoying a bacon martini.  Incidentally, dining on swine does not a flu victim make.

April showered us with many new restaurants and ushered out a few, too.

Last month, we also lost Al Marcove, restaurateur, caterer -- and mentor to many.


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