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Candy Girls: Droobles Best Blowing Gum

Normally gum wouldn't be the first thing we'd grab for a review, but the fact that this one starts off as cotton candy certainly captured our attention.  Droobles Best Blowing Gum is one of the Harry Potter products that began its life as a literary invention of J.K. Rowling and made its way into the muggle world through the magic of marketing, Chinese manufacturing and Stateside distribution.  The product basically promises two things: to transform from cotton candy into a chewing gum good enough to blow bubbles with and to turn your mouth blue.  It certainly lives up to one of those.

The texture of the cotton candy is odd, which we guess is to be expected when the product is only masquerading as the fluffy stuff.  It is strangely dense and has a tendency to cling to your fingertips; pinching a puff of blue compresses it into something hard and gummy.

When we put the cotton candy in our mouths, it instantly began to dissolve. That could have been a problem, since if we hadn't known it was supposed to resolve itself into gum, we would have swallowed the mouthful of sugary goo without a second thought. As it was, we held it in our mouths much longer than felt comfortable, waiting for it to become chewy. Eventually, a tiny morsel of something gum-like emerged. We tried to chew it as best we could, but you would have to stick almost the entire packet of cotton candy in your mouth to get enough gum with which to blow a bubble -- something we did not try. 

Unsettling texture aside, the flavor was unpalatable. Super sweet turned into bitter, which quickly faded away to nothing.  If the technical aspects of the transformation from fluff to gum worked better, the gimmick might float the idea of this candy. As it is, it's hardly worth the trouble -- or the bright blue mouth.

Would we finish the package?  No.

Would we buy again?  No

1 out of 5

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Liz Kellermeyer
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