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Candy Girls: Giant Chewy Nerds

We'd been hearing about these fun Giant Chewy Nerds for awhile, but we couldn't seem to locate any until a recent trip to Kmart. We're both fans of Nerds, but we're not necessarily OK with how the Nerds factory makes you commit to just two flavors per box. These candies -- jelly beans covered in a hard, bumpy, Nerd-y shell -- promise five different flavors of Nerd-y goodness.

First Reactions: Aubrey: They're cute -- all bumpy and egg shaped. Liz: This pink one looks like a tongue. Aubrey: Totally! I wonder if this is what Nerd eggs look like? If Nerds lay eggs…

Taste: Aubrey: I don't know if it really tastes like a Nerd to me… Liz: Really? I think it tastes exactly like a Nerd, only I like it better because it isn't just pure sugar and the jelly bean inside adds a nice soft texture to the crunchy shell. Aubrey: I guess the trick is biting into them instead of sucking on the shell. Then you get the mix of soft jelly bean along with that burst of sour Nerds candy. Yum!

Conclusions: More fun than the original, we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for these in the future.

Would we finish them? What do you mean? We already getting ready to run out to the store for another pack! Would we buy again? Heck yeah! Rating: 5 out of 5

- Aubrey and Liz

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