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Candy Girls: Kuulture Frozen Yogurt

It was only six short weeks ago that Candy Girls brought you the first of the LA-style frozen yogurt places to hit Denver, and now we have the second official opening in our fair city: Kuulture. Tucked away in Writers Square next to the American Apparel shop, it's like our own little corner of LA. But, y'know, with cleaner air.

The shop was started by native-Los Angelenos Demi, Jeff and Sachi Ena. Demi and Sachi both went to college at DU, so they have a Colorado connection, but while Sachi has been living in Denver for the last few years, Hidemi and Jeff have only moved out to Colorado in the last few weeks to get Kuulture ready for the grand opening.

After getting hooked on the tangy yogurt and interesting topping offerings at Chill-In, the Candy Girls were eager to sample the goodies at Kuulture to see how they stacked up.

First Reactions: The shop is small and decorated sparingly with two contemporary high plastic tables and chairs and a cool pebble floor. The cool-toned eating area gives way to brightly colored walls and an L-shaped counter, behind which lies a veritable smorgasbord of toppings. Some we've seen (yogurt chips, berries, Cap'n Crunch), while others, like the soft mochi and hemp granola, were new to us.

Taste: Demi straightaway pulls us samples of the four flavors on tap and insists we taste a handful of the little mochi ball topping. Right now Kuulture offers their yogurt in original, acai, blue-raspberry, and pomeberry, though coming this weekend they will also be getting in Hawaiian taro, to offer an even more unusual flavor to Denver's yogurt newbies. "People come in all the time and ask what the plain flavor is," Demi says. "They think it's vanilla because that's what they're used to and we have to explain that it's not vanilla. They're also surprised we don't have chocolate, but that just sounds gross to me."

Liz: The plain is nice and tangy. It has a real yogurt-y taste to it. Aubrey: Pomeberry is more mellow and fruity, but I might like the plain the best. Liz: The Acai tastes just like pink grapefruit to me. Sweet and tart and the same time. Aubrey: Mmmm, the mochi is really good! Liz: Yeah, soft and chewy without getting difficult to chew, like gummy bears.

Conclusions: Get this cool treat while it's hot (and before the convention makes it impossible to head into downtown). If you want to sample these swirls for free, join Kuulture on Monday, August 11th for their grand opening, where they'll be handing out tastes of all their offerings from 7pm-9pm. And for you Boulderites, keep your eyes peeled for a second shop they're planning on opening on the Pearl Street Mall, this time tapping into yet another yogurt shop trend that will be new to us: self service! The plans for the store, which is tentatively scheduled to open in five months or so, involve walls of yogurt and toppings you can pile on to your specifications and then pay for by weight. At 30-cents an ounce, this sounds like a plan we can get behind. Prices at the Denver shop, 1512 Larimer, start at $2.50 for a small, 5 ounce cup of plain yogurt. Flavored yogurt is $1 more and toppings are $.95 each.

Would we finish it? Despite the fact that they had run out of small cups and were giving customers generous servings in the medium-sized cups, we had no problem downing the mountains of yogurt and toppings. What? At less than 20 calories an ounce, this is practically health food.

Would we buy it again? Oh, yes. Bring on the trend!

-- Liz and Aubrey

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