Candy Girls: Original Peanut Chew

This week we have a special guest commentator, J "I love grandpa candy" Kellermeyer. That's not really his middle name, but it sure is what we like to call him. J is a connoisseur of all sorts of candy that you probably thought they stopped making in 1953. He's been known to eat Bit-O-Honey and Mary Janes, and not just because that sweet old lady up the street was offering. He actually goes out and buys the stuff.

So, naturally, who better to help us with the Peanut Chew. Especially since not only is J an expert in obscure candy, he also spent many years on the East Coast, which is where the Peanut Chew hails from. This can make the Original Peanut Chew tricky to hunt down in Denver, but since it just happens to be J's favorite candy he had a friend bring him a stash from Powell's Sweet Shoppe in Boulder.

First Reactions:

The candy appears to be in regular bar form in the wrapper, but once opened it is revealed to be formed into six smaller pieces.

Aubrey: Oh, look -- it's like a bunch of mini candy bars.

J: Those are the "Chew-ets." That's the trademarked named for them.

Aubrey: Hmmm, and are they covered in dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate?

Liz: They make a milk chocolate version, but the original with the dark is J's favorite. (Clearly, she's become learned in the way of the Peanut Chew through her association with J.)


Underneath the dark chocolate coating, the candy is densely packed with peanuts that are surrounded by what we assumed, at first, was caramel. Later research online revealed that the substance was actually molasses. The flavor is very peanut-y with the dark chocolate and molasses adding richness without the usual toothache-inducing sweetness of some candy bars.

Aubrey: It's kind of like a Snickers bar, but without the nougat. Only, wait, that isn't caramel, is it? What the heck is in there with the peanuts?

Liz: It's caramel-y. Like caramel.

Aubrey: Not, it's more dense and kind of less sweet.

Liz: My friend once described it tasting like a healthy candy her mom would try to trick her into eating.

J: Num, yum, yum.

Conclusions (J is excluded, since we already know he loves these):

Would we finish the bar? Probably, but not too quickly.

Would we purchase again? Not for ourselves, but we would for J.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

- Aubrey and Liz

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.